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Role of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in raising Ontario's labour productivity and contributing to its prosperity (Prism and Donner)

This report examines the central role of the college-educated workforce in improving labour productivity across the economy and supporting an innovation culture in the workplace. It demonstrates the importance of college graduates in building a culture of innovation in a dozen key Ontario industries.


A comparative analysis of the balance between college & university enrolment in the United States & Canada, Dec 2003

This report analyzes the work of the Ontario government’s Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress. Among its conclusions is a finding that Ontario has a lower proportion of its postsecondary enrolment at the college level than does its peers.


A comparative analysis of college expenditure in the United States and Ontario, May 2003

This report examines data on operating expenditure per student at colleges in the United States and Canada and concludes that students in Ontario support a higher proportion of college operating expenditure than do students in the United States.