Policy positions

Colleges Ontario produces policy positions on key issues, from economic competitiveness to education policies to the workforce needs in the health-care system.

Position Papers

Enabling sustained student success

This report by by Deloitte is on the increasing provincewide cost for supports and services for at-risk students at colleges. The report shows there is an annual shortfall of more than $160 million a year for the supports and services for at-risk students.


Fiscal sustainability of Ontario colleges

This report by PwC Canada looks at the long-term sustainability of Ontarioís college programs. According to the PwC review of revenues and expenditures, colleges face an annual operating deficit that will exceed $400 million a year by 2024-25 and a cumulative shortfall of more than $1.9 billion by that time.


Reaching New Heights: Differentiation and Transformation in Higher Education

Ontario’s public colleges responded to the provincial government’s consultations on differentiation in the sector and recommended measures to improve post-secondary education.


Empowering Ontario: Transforming Higher Education

in the 21st Century

The Ontario government must permit colleges to offer three-year degrees, says a submission to the government from the province's 24 colleges.


People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People

More than 700,000 people in Ontario will be unemployable by 2021 due to inadequate skills and education, says a groundbreaking report by Seneca College president emeritus Dr. Rick Miner.


Investing in Prosperity

This 2012 report to the Ontario government describes the many successful research partnerships between colleges and businesses that have helped promote economic growth.


Opening Doors to Nursing Degrees

Ontario’s vision for meeting the future need for baccalaureate-prepared nurses should include a range of options, such as stand-alone university programs, stand-alone college programs, and collaborative college-university programs. This means a regulatory change is needed to authorize colleges to grant the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.


A New Vision for Higher Education in Ontario

The province's 24 college presidents have submitted proposals to government to make Ontario a world leader in postsecondary education.


Expanding Degree Opportunities to Meet the Needs of the New Economy

To help meet the growing demand for postsecondary degrees, Ontario needs to expand the degree programs offered at colleges. This report explains how Ontario would benefit from improved access to college degree programs.


Transforming Ontario’s Apprenticeship Training System

Ontario’s colleges share the provincial government’s belief that apprenticeship must play a greater role in addressing skills shortages and contributing to innovative, high-performance workplaces that enhance Ontario’s competitiveness. In this proposal Colleges Ontario offers suggetions about how the colleges can help to meet the training needs of apprentices and their employers.


Enhancing the Role of Colleges in Immigrant Integration to Employment

Colleges Ontario and 12 Ontario colleges consulted employers, unions and business associations to discuss immigrant employment and how colleges can play an even greater role in effectively integrating immigrants into employment. This report presents the findings of those consultations.


Language Skills for the Workplace

This report presents the findings of an examination of occupation-specific language training in Ontario colleges. It identifies gaps and opportunities for occupation-specific language training and provides input on guidelines for moving toward a provincewide framework for college delivery of occupation-specific language training.


Developing Skills Through Partnerships

On the anniversary of the signing of the historic Canada-Ontario Labour Market Development Agreement and the Canada-Ontario Labour Market Partnership Agreement, Colleges Ontario co-hosted a symposium with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, ONESTEP, and the Canadian Policy Research Network to raise awareness about the importance of a highly skilled workforce.† This report presents the views of speakers and participants from more than 150 organizations from across Ontario.


Building a World Class Workforce

This submission to the Government of Ontario examines the challenges and opportunities associated with building a strong workforce for the 21st century. It articulates the important role colleges must play in strengthening Ontario’s employment and training system.


Seamless Pathways

A symposium on improving transitions from high school to college


Catalysts of Economic Innovation

Ontario firms and organizations are being challenged to increase productivity through innovation in order to compete on the fiercely competitive world stage and improve the quality of life of Ontarians. Yet, Ontario suffers from innovation gaps that place its productivity and prosperity goals at risk.


Achieving High Expectations in Ontario’s Postsecondary Education Sector

The people of Ontario, citizens of the most populated and economically successful province in the country, have high expectations for postsecondary education. To achieve those expectations and to reflect a vastly different and rapidly changing social and economic structure, Ontario’s 24 colleges of applied arts and technology are calling for a new vision for postsecondary education in the 21st century. A new vision and the resources to support it are essential if Ontario is to be positioned effectively in the global marketplace.


Applied Research and Innovation Ontario Colleges
An Underutilized Resource

This report, representing the views of Ontario’s 24 colleges, highlights a systemic dearth of applied research and innovation funding opportunities for colleges at the federal level. Applied research and innovation at Ontario colleges are undertaken in collaboration with private and public sector partners. College applied research and innovation regularly lead to innovations and the commercialization of knowledge that result in new products and services benefiting the Canadian economy.


Canada's Most Important Economic Investment

A discussion of the contribution of colleges to Canada’s economic prosperity, and the commitment of Ontario colleges to work with governments to increase access to college education, particularly among under-represented groups.


Response to the Discussion Paper “Adult Education Review”

This paper is the response of Colleges Ontario to the consultation on adult education in Ontario. It provides an analysis of the elements of an adult education system, the role of the colleges, the trends which are shaping the environment as well as responses to the six questions posed in the Discussion Paper.


Investing in Ontario's Workforce:
Strong Colleges for a Strong Ontario - Multi-year investment proposal

This document outlines the case for a multi-year investment in colleges to improve quality, increase access and participation rates, and further develop Ontario’s workforce.