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Moving to Net Zero: Colleges leading the way

Colleges have developed and implemented broad and significant measures to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. The following report features highlights from all 24 colleges of initiatives and projects that put Ontario on the path towards a profound transformation to greater sustainability.


Ontario's Colleges: Leading the Transformation to an Innovation Economy

A new report highlights the many ways colleges are driving innovation, in everything from new research to online education.


Applied Innovation at Ontario's Public Colleges:
Where We Are, Where We Need to Be

Providing an overview of applied innovation projects at Ontario's public colleges, this report also examines the need for the development and utilization of the colleges' business-oriented applied research approach to help transform innovative ideas into economic realities.


Colleges Driving a Sustainable Future:
New Careers for a Clean Economy

Highlighting the contributions colleges make in four areas of the "green economy," this report examines how Ontario's publc colleges are helping to drive the province’s transition to a sustainable economy.


Innovation Catalysts and Accelerators:
The Impact of Ontario Colleges' Applied Research

This report from the Conference Board of Canada examines the contributions Ontario colleges are able to provide through collaboration with businesses to stimulate new research and innovation activities that would otherwise not occur. The report also discusses the need for strategies and resources to support and expand college applied research.


Role of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Raising Ontario's Labour Productivity and Contributing to its Prosperity (Prism and Donner)

This report examines the central role of the college-educated workforce in improving labour productivity across the economy and supporting an innovation culture in the workplace. It demonstrates the importance of college graduates in building a culture of innovation in a dozen key Ontario industries.