Ontario’s college system is committed to accountability and transparency. The colleges produce a number of documented results annually to ensure that students, parents and the public have reliable information.



Policy statement on upholding free speech

Ontario's 24 colleges have adopted a new policy on free expression that promotes the dissemination of knowledge and the open discussion of diverse ideas and opinions.


Addressing Truth and Reconciliation: Summary report of Ontarioís colleges

This report highlights the collegesí progress responding to the Truth

and Reconciliation Commission of Canadaís calls to action.


Ontario's Colleges: Creating a Highly Skilled Workforce for the New Economy

This report highlights the achievements of the colleges'

labour-market training in preparing people for successful careers.


2010 Results Report

This new report describes the many ways in which Ontario’s 24 public colleges are transforming the lives of Ontarians and the economy.



2006 Results Report

The 2006 Results Report is a comprehensive summary of improvements colleges have made in the areas of access, quality and accountability. The report demonstrates the colleges’ commitment to maximizing investments to improve programs, services and facilities and to enriching the education experience for students.


Accountability in Ontario's Public Colleges (Sept. 2004)

An assessment of the accountability policies governing Ontario’s colleges and the controls over their financial and legal affairs, real estate dealings and entrepreneurial activity.


Measuring Graduation and Attrition at Ontario Colleges (March 2000)

This report discusses measurement issues and their usefulness as indicators of student success. Among its findings is that Graduation Rate is an invalid indicator of labour market success for college graduates and that it should not be used.