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New funding helps more college students get valuable workplace experience


(TORONTO, April 19, 2017) – The announcement today of $190 million in provincial funding to help more students get meaningful work placements is an important step in creating a more highly skilled workforce.


“The Ontario government is making a tremendous investment into our young people’s future success,” said Linda Franklin, the president and CEO of Colleges Ontario. “This will help more students acquire the skills and talents to pursue meaningful employment when they graduate.”


The Ontario government announced today it is investing $190 million over three years into its new Career Kick-Start Strategy.


The strategy will create more opportunities for high school students, post-secondary students and recent graduates to get access to work-related opportunities that will enhance their resumes and help them develop job-relevant skills. The strategy includes a new Career Ready Fund to help colleges, universities and employers create career-oriented learning experiences.


Many Ontario college programs provide meaningful workplace experiences to students and the new strategy announced today will help colleges to build on the success of those programs.


“In this new age of innovation and accelerating automation, it is critical that graduates have the qualifications and technical skills to make a meaningful difference in the workplace,” Franklin said. “The new Career Kick-Start Strategy clearly establishes that this is a priority in Ontario and will further enrich the career-focused programs at our colleges.”




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