Colleges Ontario and the College Employer Council are pleased to announce a new jointly offered College Leadership Excellence (CLE) program.


Purpose of the program

The College Leadership Excellence program will provide leaders in senior middle management, who are interested in pursuing senior management roles in the college system, with specific knowledge and skills to increase their preparation for future senior management positions.


Target group

The CLE program is targeted to those persons who are looking to move from senior middle management to senior management including:

  • Associate vice presidents

  • Deans

  • Associate deans

  • Directors

  • Chiefs [includes, CFOs, CIOs, CHROs, etc]

  • Registrars

  • College chair [academic, department]


Others who may also wish to participate in the CLE Program include:

  • Vice presidents

  • Senior vice presidents


It is anticipated that delegates would take one to two years to complete the certificate. Sessions must be completed within five (5) years from the first session taken. Sessions taken outside this time period will not be recognized. A table summarizing the program sessions can be found below.


Note: The CLE program is a two-year pilot program. If the CLE program is terminated after year two, Colleges Ontario and the College Employer Council will enable any delegates with partial certificate completions to complete their CLE certificate by accessing additional College Centre of Board Excellence (CCBE) sessions and having these recognized by the CLE program.


To register and/or for more details, please contact:
Lisa Lam,
Project Management, Design and IT Services Officer, Colleges Ontario or 647-258-7678.